We hold the safety of our team and those working around them at the heart of everything we do

We are industry leading in our safety performance and we passionately drive a culture of continuous safety, environmental and quality improvements.

In 2014 we launched our Safety First initiative, this company wide programme addresses safety at a cultural level and provides a visible framework around which we continuously improve our safety performance. Particular emphasis has been put on the importance of behavioural safety, ensuring our people are instinctively aware of the impacts of their decisions on themselves and those around them.


Our Accreditations

Adey Steel is proud to hold the following accreditations

Our Safety First Initiative

Our Health & Safety culture revolves around our Safety First Initiative. This initiative lifts Health & Safety off the pages of our policies and procedures and raises it into the everyday discussions we have as a team delivering safety critical engineering projects.

Our people strive to identify opportunities to further improve our performance, our senior management hold safety as a priority above all and as a result safety records are industry leading. Our accreditation to ISO 45001 2018 ensures that our policies and procedures enable us to operate with working conditions and workplace health and safety that are recognised to internationally best practice.


Our commitment to managing our environmental impacts and opportunities and doing so in a sustainable and responsible way is recognised by our certification to ISO14001.

Understanding the impact our operations and products have on future generations is very important; we understand that what we do today will leave a legacy for future generations. That’s why we train our employees, have robust waste and energy policies in place and risk assess our activities to ensure our impact on the environment is as low as possible.

It is also the inspiration behind our Carbon Reduction Plan. Our detailed plan provides a road map for energy reduction for Adey Steel between now and 2050 as part of our pathway to achieving net zero in line with Government targets.  



Quality sits at the heart of everything we do. Our processes, procedures and controls are operated to the highest standard of accreditation, whilst our culture for innovation and continuous improvement further drives quality performance across our teams. We hold accreditation to ISO 9001 Quality Management, BS EN 1090 CE Marking to Execution Class 3, BS EN ISO 3834 Quality Requirements of Fusion Welding, RISQS Rail Supplier Qualification, Cyber Essentials and are members of the BCSA and Steel Construction Institute offering sharing of industry best practice and leading innovations.

Our Accreditations

Adey Steel is proud to hold the following accreditations